Google Operating System

On 19th Nov, 2009 Google announced its Google Chrome OS Open Source Project. 

Google OS was in buzz from July when Google announced that they are working on Google Chrome OS. 

Google chrome OS is developed specially for the peoples who spent most of their time on the internet. It’s been figured out that if you don’t have an internet connection you rarely use your system. So Google developed its OS keeping this thing in their mind. 

Chrome OS focus three things SPEED, SIMPLICITY and SECURITY.

According to Google, Google Chrome OS is blazingly fast. This OS this totally different from the traditional OS.
Usually when we switch on our system it takes too much time to boot up many processes. Even the supercomputer takes 45 seconds to boot up. So Google developed its OS in a way that it will get available to user as soon as we press power on button of the system. This is going to be exactly like switching ON a Television.

Sound Amazing…..

It means now Google has seized my 45 seconds in which I usually make my Sandwich…..little bit disappointing for me…..  

In Google Chrome OS all apps are web apps and hence there is no need to install, manage and update them. 
Everything from Notepad to Microsoft office to Photoshop every app is web-app and hence will make life much easier with computer. 
As Chrome is its OS and there are thousands of web apps available on the cloud, it will provide a flexible GUI to the users

Google Chrome OS will become the most secure OS, the day it will be available in the market.

  • As everything inside it is web app and web apps are closed inside a security sandbox hence it left very few chances for malwares to infect the system easily.
  • Google Chrome OS barely trust itself. Every time you restart your computer the operating system verifies the integrity of its code. If your system has been compromised, it is designed to fix itself with a reboot.

        It is going to make life tough for the BAD GUYS

But still there is a lot to be done in this OS, that’s why Google launched its open source project one year before the actual launch of the OS. 

There are many queries and confusions regarding this launch, for example

  • Will it support multiple OS in a same machine??

Answer:  NO we will not be able to install multiple OS in the machine running Google Chrome OS

  • Can we install different web browser other than Chrome??

Answer: YES, but not directly.

There lots of many questions too and each one is warmly welcomed.
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To know more about this launch switch to this video…..