Connect to RedShift database from DBeaver

DBeaver is a SQL Client which is helpful in querying data and its analysis. It is loaded with many generic JDBC drivers for connecting to popular databases. For others, we can add driver separately and establish a connection. 

Following are the steps to connect to Redshift data from DBeaver : 

Step 1 : Create new “Driver Manager” using Database option from menu tab.

Database > Driver Manager

Step 2 : Click on New > Add Artifact

Driver connection needs Redshift JDBC jar , so provide details as below and DBeaver will download jar automatically. (Press Download/Update option whenever prompted)


Artifact Id: redshift-jdbc42


Leave Classifier as blank.

Step 3 : Provide further details as below and click “OK”: 

Step 4 : Click on New Database Connection and search for the name you provided for Driver.

Step 5 : Click Next and then provide following details : 


Username : 

Password : 

Step 6 : Click on Test Connection.


Enjoy writing SQL !!